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5 Recommended Mobile Apps for Baby Investors in 2023

In this article we shall be giving you Five Best Mobile Application that's suitable for newbies in investing. If you are looking for an app that helps you in making good investment, and tracking your investment, manage your investment portfolio etc then the Apps discussed below are the best for you.  

This investment apps help you with stock trading, and they also help you to track your investment in real time while teaching you more about the Market. Because of their Amazing features, they are well recognized by many investors. We are able to tag them the "best for baby investors" after comparing their features with others, the easy access to stocks and less fees to manage them. 

These apps have low sevice charge compared to others and their user interface is friendly. You can start investing with as low as $10 in some of them. This is why they're recommended for baby investors who May not have the hundreds or thousands of dollars to kickstart their investment journey. 

The Five Best Investment Apps For Baby Investors are ;


1. Cowrywise

Betterment is one of the most popular investment Apps. It's an automated app, with a robo- advisor that give you Investment tips. It has an expert- built stock and bond portfolio to help you grow your wealth. They have a low cost monthly fee of $4 or an annual fee of 0.25%. Due to their diversified portfolio, traders of crypto can also use their platform. 



2. Acorns

Second on our list is acorn. It's a beginner friendly investing app with so many features that are appealing to start up investors . It has no account minimum and with it's education resources plus it's simple interface, it would make transitioning into investment easy. Going into stock market can be frustrating without having extensive knowledge of how it works, but acorn will save you those stress. 

It has a diversified investment options, with about 7000 ETFs (exchange traded funds) which gives investors the freedom to choose the assets they want to invest in. 

If you are a baby investor who has no prior knowledge about investment, this app is for you. It's user friendly and the features are exciting. 

3. Risevest

ch as a SEP IRA, bill paying, a savings account plus a robo-advisor account and even credit card accounts, to cover the big ones. It's a very good app for beginners who wants an easy platform to invest. 

It doesn't have a minimum balance requirement, it charges no fee for Stock/ETFs trade and $0.65 per contract on options. 

It avails you the opportunity to have all your finances in order with one company on one dashboard, under your full control . It also gives you the opportunity to conduct solid research on ETFs and mutual funds plus lots of articles on budgeting, investing and personal finance and webinars, too. 

They have a good customer relationship, their help desk is a click away and someone will respond to you as fast as possible.

 This app is also good for beginners who want all their financial accounts under one roof, and enjoy being treated like a valued customer. 

Wealth Front

If you are a newbie in investing who desires a platform to invest and watch how the system manages your investment in your portfolio without additional work, then wealth Front app is for you.Wealth Front is one of the Biggest independent robo-advisors. It can manage your money whether that’s in a taxable account or an IRA for a little amount of money.

But it has Minimum balance requirement of $500 and has an annual management fee of 0.25% of all your assets.

Wealthfront is one of the best because of it effective portfolio Management strategy. It construct your portfolio by using hundreds of ETFs and takes into account your risk tolerance level and also when you will need the money. 

Any deposits you make, Wealthfront will automatically adjust your portfolio, add it and also balanced your account and keep you on target toward your goal.

It would also imterest you to know that, Wealthfront also has an attractive cash management account that grant you early access to direct-deposited paychecks and a debit card – at no cost.

 As a beginner in Investment, if all you want is an app that you can deposit money and watch it grows, then Wealthfront is for you. It manages your portfolio to help you reach your goal. The cash management account is cool, too.

5. Charles Schwab

The last but not the least, Charles Schwab is good for experts, but it’s also beginner's friendly because of all the resources it provides. Schwab helps new investors to be knowledgeable on investing and personal finances by providing alot of research and educational materials. 

Minimum balance required for a start is $0 and also has zero service fee. 

Schwab also offers you the opportunity to invest all your money in stock, rather than having your investment sitting idle. It also offers Commission-free stock and ETF trades.

With their highly responsive customer service ,your questions would be answered quickly.

Charles Schwab App is for you if you like investing with a friendly company that starts off in the right direction and then helps you along the way.

How to Get a Loan from Polaris Bank in 2023


How to Get a Loan from Polaris Bank in 2023

Polaris Bank Limited, which was formerly known as Skye Bank is a Commercial Bank in Nigeria. The bank, which was also formerly a bridge bank, is now privately owned by strategic capital investment limited (S.C.I.L.). Polaris bank limited offers a wide variety of financial products amongst which is the loan/credit financing.

We cannot over emphasize the benefits of loans to MSME’s and large institutions as it can help in facility financing, employee compensation, debts offsetting and many more.


As a financial instituion, PolarisBank offers differnt loan packages. These loan packages include:


This loan gives you access to loan in a jiffy. You can access up to 50% of your monthly net salary and its deducted on your pay day. You can access this offer either by dialing *833*12# on your mobile phone or using the VULTe application.

2. Personal Term Loans

This loan is given to individuals to meet needs at their convenience. It helps you meet varying personal needs regardless of what it is. The major criterion to meet this loan is for you to be a confirmed staff of a reputable public or private organization with a domiciled account with Polaris bank. You can check your eligibility and loan offer by using the VULTe application.

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3. Auto Loans 

Polaris bank provides loans to finance vehicle purchase. Brands like GAC and Elizade JAC have made vehicle purchase affordable over a specified period. This offer is open to Polaris and non-polaris account holders.

For GAC vehicles;  Available models: GA4, GS3, GS4, GS8 And GN8


·         Interest Rate:0% P.A. For First 4 Months, 25% P.A. In The Subsequent 56 Months

·         Management Fee:1% Flat

·         Auto Insurance:5%

Equity Contribution - 0%

Tenure - 60 Months 

Additional Benefits

·         5 Year Warranty

·         Free Car Registration

·         GAC Motor Gift Box/Starter Kit

·         FREE First Check & First Service At 5,000 Km/H Or 3 Months

·         Dedicated After Sales Service (SA – Sales Advisors)

·         Mobile Service - GAC Fast Care

For Elizade JAC motors

Models: JS3 Luxury, JS4 Luxury, JS4 Flagship, J7 Luxury, J7 Flagship, JS6 And T8 Pro

Target: Salaried Employees & Self-Employed Customers With Verifiable Source Of Income


·         Interest Rate: 0% P.A. For First 4 Months, 25% P.A. In The Subsequent 56 Months

·         Management Fee: 1% Flat

·         Auto Insurance: 5%


With an equity Contribution of 0%, this loan has a tenure of 60 months. In additional benefits for this loan, you will get a five year warranty Or 150,000km. You also get a free Car Registration, driver Training On Special Techniques For Vehicle Maintenance
·         FREE - First Check 
·         Free Accessories - Fire Extinguisher, Foot Mats
·         1-Year Free Service

To apply for this, visit any Polaris bank branch close to you. 


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5 Factors to Consider Before Taking a Loan

Taking a loan has become quite easy in recent times as it can be done right in the comfort of our homes with just our mobile phones and access to the internet. This has eliminated the tedious process of loan application and in turn led to increase in number of people taking loans. Despite the ease in the loan application process, before taking a loan, we should put some factors into consideration to determine if it’s the right thing to do at that point in time. In this article, I will take you through five different factors to consider before taking a loan.

1. Reason for Taking a Loan

The first and major factor you should consider is the reason or aim behind taking the loan. Are you taking it for business purpose, health purpose, school purpose or just for personal satisfaction? In order to avoid unnecessary debt, it is of importance to be sure that what you are taking the loan for is actually crucial and will in turn yield greater returns.

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2. Interest Rates

The interest rate is used to measure how much interest your loan will accumulate over time. So, it is of importance to consider the interest rate because it determines how much you will be repaying at due date.

3. Income and Financial Position

If you do not have a stable source of income or you are in an unfavorable financial position that can make loan repayment quite difficult, then you should really reconsider taking a loan to avoid further problems.

4. The Repayment Tenure of the Loan

How long you have until the loan's maturity or repayment date is also important because it allows for accessing if you can meet up with the repayment at that particular period or not.

5. Lender’s Credibility

In cases where the intended loan is not from a reputable financial institution, a thorough background check on the lender to determine its credibility is important before going ahead to take the loan.

In conclusion, taking a loan is not a decision that should be taken with levity. Hence, the need to analyze all of these factors with due diligence to determine if we should go ahead with taking a loan or not. Eventually, if you happen to fall on the favorable side of all of these factors then it is safe to say that you can go ahead to seal that loan contract.

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5 Recommended Mobile Apps for Baby Investors in 2023

How to Get a Loan from Polaris Bank in 2023

5 Factors to Consider Before Taking a Loan

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