How to Get a Loan from Access Bank

Our economy is built on a credit system, you'll discover that our government take credit to finance the yearly budget and this can come through foreign establishments or through financial instruments like treasury bills and bonds. 

How to Get a Loan from Access Bank

Most successful entrepenuers built their fotune through credit facilities as the cost of establishment and production can be overwhelming.

 For your personal economy, you might cosider taking a loan/credit facility to meet emergency needs, support your business venture or rather improve your education. 

We have several finance firms that give loan facilities among which is Access bank plc. Access bank is a notable bank in the country and africa at large, they offer several kinds of financial services to suit every scope of customer group ranging from retail to corporate.

 Access bank offers several loan facilities but we will be specific about their digital loans. Access bank has different kinds of digital loan and this can be accessed on the app called "QUICKBUCKS" or by dialing *901#.

 Access bank gives ; Payday loans, Salary advance, LATO loans, device financing Payday loans and salary advances are given to salary accounts domiciled in the bank and non salary earnerscannot access this. The LATO(Lending against turn over) loans are given to every customer not necessarily salary earners and its based on the turnover on the account Device financing is a scheme in which Access bank purchases devices especially phones for you then you pay back gradually.

 The interest rate is 4% per month and a penalty of 1% if you default. Most pay day loans are short termed which can last for about 3 months but Salary advance can last up till a year. 

I hope this piece was enlightening? You can always call their customer care line for more information.

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