5 Basic Principles to Improve your Savings Culture

Iya Risi is a trader who runs a small stall opposite the city's university campus gate. Last month, she started off with KoloNigeria, saving #500 daily from her sales. It's the end of the month and Iya Risi is cashing out #15,000. She intends to make part payment of her son's school fees for this term with the money.

You see, if you are not saving or investing, you cannot create any wealth. Also, when you spend more than you make, trouble is looming about. School doesn’t teach these things. A major factor to consider in choosing a life partner is the ability of such person to create and multiply wealth – else, you will wake up one morning and discover that your children’s inheritance has gone with the wind. You can be like Iya Risi. #100 can equal a million someday. But that can only happen if you follow these five basic principles to improve your savings culture.


Iya Risi is a fictional character

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