How to Get a Loan from First Bank of Nigeria in 2023

How to Get a Loan from First Bank of Nigeria in 2023

First bank of Nigeria is a popular bank in the country. It is the premier bank in West Africa and was established in the year 1894. It is most likely the reason why most of the aged population in the country trust the brand.

First Bank of Nigeria provide several loan offerings to their customers amongst which include;

1 First credit

2 Personal home loans

3 Joint mortgage

4 Automobile loans

5 Salary loans

FIRST CREDIT: First credit provides a quick way to get loans without collaterals or visiting the branch.

You can access FirstCredit by dialing *894# and then follow the below steps:

  • Select 3. Loans
  • Select 1. FirstCredit
  • Select your account number
  • Select 1 to give consent
  • Select your desired loan amount
  • Input your USSD 5-digit PIN
This loan has a maximum tenor of 30 days and you can get up to 300,000 naira depending on your activities. The interest rate is 10% on the principal amount.

PERSONAL HOME LOANS: This loans give employees the opportunity to own their homes. This is an outright payment option but there must be a 20% down payment. You can apply for this by visiting any FBN branch close to you.

SALARY LOANS: FBN offers several varieties of salary loans. We have;

Personal loan against salary - This loan is given to paid employees to take care of long term needs like investments, vacation, education and much more

First advance -  This a salary advance loan given to employees whose salary account is domiciled in FBN. Employees can get up to 50% of their monthly net salary. It can be accessed via USSD and First mobile.

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