Welcome! Thanks for choosing to use KoloNigeria! We are glad to help you save while we promise to give you value for your money, consistency and time. The following lines contain our terms, conditions and operational policies. As such, by using KoloNigeria, you consent that:

1. Adequate representation is provided in the data you supply. These data contain your KoloSavings transaction history and personal information. All data is kept in trust to build better user experience and are without influence of third parties.

2. KoloNigeria takes a due of #200 ONLY in your contribution/savings plan EVERY MONTH. At the end of the savings duration, user receives all other funds contributed and held in trust.

3. Completion of the savings duration is necessary. However, if you choose to opt out, KoloNigeria still receives her #200 due and pays you the balance.

4. You agree to contact your agents directly. KoloNigeria Agents work at their convenience and subject to their private schedules. Users are advised to save upfront to ease collection. You may see a list of our ACCREDITED agents based on locations via our website.

5. Tampering with entries and marking cards individually WILL DISQUALIFY you from receiving any payment and EXPEL you from our platform. Agents cross-check their handbooks and ensure correspondence with your card, especially upon "kolo breaks, fund collection and payments periods".

6. You may choose to own more than one card. Each card is purchased for #200 ONLY and includes a copy of our regulations. Note that this card is NOT transferable.

7. The least amount you can save in your KoloSavings is #100. The maximum is #50,000 monthly. You may choose to save daily, weekly or monthly as the case may be.

These are our Seven Golden Terms. For further details about KoloNigeria, please visit www.kolonigeria.com.ng

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