How to Buy Fidelity Bank Shares

Here’s a step by step process to buy the new Fidelity Bank Shares. 

You can choose to buy from a Stock broker or buy from your phone using different Apps. 

But Atanda will recommend either Stanb!c IBTC st0ck br0ker or visit any Fidelity  Bank branch or use Bamboo app. 

In this article, we’d be putting you through a step by step guide to using the Bamboo to make investments.i can monitor things myself 

1. Download Bamboo App

If you are an android user, simply go to your Google Play Store to search for and download the Bamboo App. If you’re an IPhone User, you can also download the Bamboo app for your mobile App store. search for Bamboo. Alternatively, you can directly signup for Bamboo by clicking here

2. Create your Bamboo Account 

Register and they will also demand for your BVN (Atanda says its safe, cos they are reg!stered with SEC) 

3. Fund your Account

After creating your account, it is important that you find your NGN wall£t with at least 3 k 

4. Begin your Investment Journey

On the homepage of the app, click on inv£st then Select NGN St0ck, under the NGN st0ck you will see Fidelity Bank. 

Take note that the Stock Market is closed during weekends and opens back on Monday by 3pm. 

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Pls forget those people who complain that their parents or someone somewhere purchased shares and notin came out of it. For people who have this story to tell, it is simply because they were not guided well. You don't by shares then go and sleep and expect d st0ck broker to monitor d market for u. 

Thanks to technology, you can now monitor d market yourself from your phone and sell your shar£s anytime it has made so much pr0fit for you 

Ignorance of how to inv£st is not an excuse for poverty

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