5 Fintech Apps to Grow Your Finances

Everyone wants to grow financially. While this is true, it is also true that the 21st century has seen growth in innovation one of which is financial technology; simply put FinTech. As the global economy of FinTechs continues to grow, it has become common place for a lot of people to engage the softwares of FinTech firms for financial transactions. 

Saving, Investing, and pooling resources with friends are some of the services these FinTechs have brought to our doorsteps. There are however, positive and negative sides to these Fintech Apps. In this article, we will share a list of five Fintech mobile applications that can help you grow your finances as the year comes to an end and you create new financial goals for the coming year. 

Every one of the apps we will be sharing are available both on Google Play Store and the Apple Store for download on your smartphone

1. Cowrywise

This app enables you to engage in saving in such a way that your savings is inaccessible until a particular date set by you. This enables you to discipline yourself for proper saving habits. Another plus for this app is that it allows you to invest in Bonds issued by certain investment companies like ARM. In this wise it is a plus since you can start investing from as low as 100Naira. 

Also, you can invest as low as 10 US Dollars which is about 550Naira presently in Dollar Bonds of Moderate risk rating. 

A minor con 9f using this app is that you pay a 25 Naira fee for any withdrawal to your bank account but I reckon for the pros this is negligible

2. Kuda

In this period where bank charges make us spend a considerable amount to our banks monthly it is only wise to have an account with zero maintenance charges. This is what Kuda offers. With Kuda you do not need to pay 10.75 Naira for transfers as you can make transfers for free. This reduces cost of maintenance and increase how much you have to save and invest

Another pro is that you can get an ATM card for your Kuda account for free too without any card maintenance. Unfortunately, unlike your conventional bank that has branches you can go to make complains you may not have access to the bank physically is anything goes wrong.

3. Piggyvest

Piggyvest is similar to Cowrywise as it offers saving and investment options. Hence it can be an alternative for whatever reason you have.Savings and Investments have multiple options and you can save securely through the platform. You can also pool resources with friends on Piggyvest and you get a referral bonus just like Cowrywise.

4. Kudi

KUDI is both a savings app and an agent app. You can save money when you recharge with Kudi as you pay less for recharge and gain 2% back. It may not sound like much but over a long period even 10 Naira can become big. You can also sell and start your own mini banking agency through Kudi. Spending less while you make money is an attractive offer.

5. Bamboo

Bamboo is an investment fintech app which enables you to start your investment journey with as low as 20, 000 Naira. The investment are made in blue chip companies such as Google or even Microsoft. Since you may not yet be wealthy enough to invest Millions I'm these companies the app acts as an intermediary to help you purchase fractions of shares in these companies.

Investment advice is hard to come by these days but on Bamboo you get it for free as a registered member on the app. This helps you to have an idea of what the market looks like in the present while you monitor the changes to inform proper investment choices. 

Your Bank Wallet is also a great avenue to explore when it comes to financial growth as most bank wallet apps allow you to spend less to maintain your finances. It is advisable to also make use of your mobile network's app for purchase as you get discount and bonuses that enable to save money. 
Which of these fintech apps do you use? Are there any others you would love to recommend? Kindly share with us in the comments

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