Types of Business Loans available at Prospa


Working Capital Loans

    Designed to cover day-to-day operational expenses, working capital loans ensure that your business has the necessary funds to manage short-term needs such as payroll, inventory, and utility payments. This type of loan helps maintain the smooth flow of your business operations.

Invoice Financing

    We offer invoice financing to provide you with immediate access to funds tied up in unpaid invoices, improving your cash flow and reducing the impact of delayed payments.

Asset Financing

    Whether you need to purchase new equipment, vehicles, or machinery, our asset financing option allows you to acquire essential assets for your business. This type of loan is secured by the asset itself, making it a viable option for expanding and upgrading your business infrastructure.

Loan Against Fixed Deposit

    If you have funds in a fixed deposit with us, you can secure a loan. This option allows you to access capital without liquidating your fixed deposit, providing a convenient way to meet your business's financial requirements while still earning interest on your deposit.

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