6 Ways to Survive Petrol Subsidy Removal

 There's a saying  that when a problem arises we look for or create a solution  in other to tackle such problem.The recent removal of petrol subsidy has caused more advoc to the standard of living of a Nigerian,rather than good as all price of goods and services, transportation etc are increased without corresponding increase in salaries.

    Here are ways you can survive during this period.

1. Have Solid reasons for going out

 Due to the increase in price of transportation as a result of the subsidy removal it is important you think twice before going out.You could look for possible alternatives in which you could get the work done rather than going out.Reduce unnecessary going out to visit friends etc.You could also stock your house with food to prevent going out every day to get the same thing over and over again.

2. Create a new budget

A new budget this period will help you to revisit the price of expenses written down before the subsidy removal.While creating a new budget remember to spend below or within your means,so you could save some money for emergency days.You could cut some of your expenses or go for a cheaper one where you need to.

3. Find other sources of income:

      During this period relying on one source of income might lead to a disaster at the end of the day due to cost of increase in the price of transportation,food, electricity bills etc without corresponding increase in salary.You could get an online job and do other side's job like buying and selling etc.If you have a car you use on a daily basis to work,you could engage your car by picking people going along the same route with you.Doing this everyday will serve as another source of income and likewise when returning from work you could pick some of your colleagues and charge them depending on their busstop.By doing this you can realise the money you use to fuel your car on a daily basis.

4. For a family it's advisable for both spouses to work hand in hand to help them scale through this period.Both spouses don't need to go out together,they could rotate it and still achieve the same purpose.

5. If you have a car and you feel the price of petrol you spend on your going to work is higher than taking public transport you might need to shift to public transport to reduce the money you spend on petrol on a daily basis.

6. Online shopping

This as to do with  buying and selling on online platform. Instead of going to the market you could patronise online vendors and you could have whatsoever you need delivered at your doorstep thereby reducing the stress of going outside and amount spent on transportation can be saved for another need.



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