How to Get a Loan from UBA in 2023

If you are considering expanding your business through credit financing, UBA (United Bank of Africa) can be an option.

From asset finance to personal loans, UBA loans can be a panacea to your pressing needs.



UBA offers several kinds of loans which includes:

3 Personal loans

4 Cooperative loans

5 Cash collaterised loans

1. Personal Overdraft

This loan is available to staff of reputable private and public firms. This loan facility is short termed and it allows you to overdraw your account by 6 months and subject to a maximum of 3 million naira. You will be charged an interest of 5% whenever salary is paid every thirty days.

To access this, your salary account should be domiciled in UBA and salary should have been paid for at least 3 months.

2. Asset Finance

This loan gives you the opportunity to purchase assets that can’t be financed immediately. It is available to those who have their salary accounts domiciled in UBA.

3. Personal Loans

This loan gives you access to sort unplanned needs like medical bills or education. It is available to all UBA customers.

4. Cooperative Loans

This loan is given to reputable cooperative societies. Cooperative accounts have a minimum operating balance of 2000 naira.

5. Cash Collaterised Loans

This loan is given to those who have financial instruments with UBA. These instruments like term deposits, unfixed deposits and others. These instruments are used as collaterals for the loans in any currency.

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How Can You Apply for UBA Loans in 2023?

There are three simple steps you need to take

1 Visit the Bank's Website

Kindly visit

2 Fill the forms

3. Visit any UBA Branch 

Submit to the branch closest to you.

4. Wait for Review and Approval

After submitting your loan application, the United Bank for Africa will take sometime to review it.




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