Will You Save Tomorrow?

This question might sound rhetorical but it needs a definite answer which will likely come up after you read this piece.

Savings as you know is the act of keeping aside resources for the future. It's an act to prevent wastage. Savings can be dated back to the ancients. You will notice that from the story of Joseph, the governor of Egypt in the Holy Bible, The nation of Egypt and the world as at large were saved by the savings done by the nation of Egypt during their years of surplus. 

Savings can also be relatable to our ancestors who embraced agriculture as their major source of survival. Farmers know quite well that the year has seasons of rainy and dry, so they save to ensure all round availability of consumable to their family and community as a whole.

In our modern world, The importance of savings cannot be overemphasized. You can easily find parents getting piggy boxes for their children to start an early savings habit even the aged aren't left out in this culture.

We save for emergency, educational goals, events and the future.


In 2019, lack of financial literacy cost Americans more than $307 billion - Fiona
Did you see that?

You need financial literacy before saving!

Financial literacy teaches you how to:
  • Earn
  • Save
  • Invest
  • Spend
  • Borrow
  • Protect
Many people save their hard earned money in unlicensed institutions, many  people do not know how to protect their savings, many do not know how to create and maintain targeted savings and the list goes on....

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