How to Secure your Bank Cards in 2024


In this era of cashless system that we are in, most of our financial transactions can be done using bank cards which could either be debit or credit card. This means that the slightest carelessness with your card or its details that makes it gets into the wrong hands can cause you loss of money and put you in a very bad place financially. Hence why we need to put some effort into securing our bank cards and handling them carefully. The following are various ways on how you can secure your bank cards and protect your finances.

1. Take extra measures before using your card for online transactions 

Many of us make payments for our online transactions with our bank cards. However, the first step you should take before you put in the numbers on your card and make a payment is to ensure that the website is safe, secure and reputable . Stick to the retailers that you're familiar with and if you aren't familiar with a site, do some research to find out more about it.Avoid shopping on public Wi-Fi as well as it can leave you vulnerable for hackers to access your confidential financial information and bank cards details. Also, never allow your browser to store your bank card details on a website you can take a precaution against this by turning off the Autofill function on the web browser that you use to previously made purchases.

2. Protect the PIN of your bank card

This is point where I advise you to guard your pin like your life depends on it as its exposure can be very fatal.
The Personal Identity Number (PIN) can provide a problem free access for others to use your card and withdraw as much as possible from it. Your pin definitely goes a long way in determining the degree of your bank card security. Take your time to curate a strong and unique pin for your bank card that cannot be easily guessed. Do not use numbers that you use for other purposes such as pin to unlock your phone. 

3. Be aware of your card activities 

No matter how well you are trying to protect your pin and carefully navigating through online transactions, you also need to always check your bank card activities.You may not see the need to check frequently because nothing has happened to your card but you need to be proactive and check your bank card activities regularly. You can do this by checking your online banking application or by reviewing your bank statements frequently to stay updated about any issues. If there are errors or suspicious withdrawals,make sure to get in touch with your bank immediately.

4)If you notice anything suspicious, report to your bank 

When you notice any suspicious activities with your bank card, make a quick move by reporting to your bank as soon as possible. There are several means by which you can reach your bank,you can either call their hotline, send a direct message on their social media accounts or visit any of the bank’s branch. This is also necessary if you lose your bank card as you should immediately  ask for the lost card to be blocked and request for another.

There is an increase in the number of cyber crimes and financial fraudulent activities since we have now adopted the cashless policy which is why as much as we are enjoying its comfort, we have to be careful and make moves to protect our finances. 
In conclusion, you can also try to use other method of making payments like the QR code payment option or mobile transfer to make your bank cards less exposed and vulnerable to wrong use.

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