10 Side Hustles to Increase your Income in 2024

Making extra dash of income aside one’s mainstream income is a goal most people have because it curates a path towards financial freedom. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to engage in some money making activities that we refer to as side hustles. 
10 Side Hustles to Increase your Income in 2024

Today, there are so many side hustles that you can engage in to earn additional income which its engagement can either be online or in person. However, below are 10 different side hustles that you can engage in to increase your income.

1. Start a Blog

You can start a blog with little to no start up money as a side hustle no matter what you do as a main job or occupation. It is a flexible work that you can do at your convenience time and your income comes in as a result of how many people you are able to attract to visit your website and read your blog. All you need is a computer,a website with your personal domain, internet connection, the basic writing skills and adequate knowledge of your choice of niche.


2. Start a YouTube Channel

If you are content creative but not the kind of person who is interested in writing then you must have intentionally skipped starting a blog as an option. Well, you might be interested in started a YouTube channel. You get to make videos according to the niche(s) of your choice, post on your channel to viewed by your subscribers and several others across the globe. You get monetized with YouTube ads when you have at-least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours on your channel. Another way you can make money from your YouTube channel is when you get paid sponsorship for your videos.

3. Become a Private Tutor/Teach an online course

Another side hustle you can engage in is to become a tutor, you can teach your favorite subjects or the ones you have good knowledge of to students and get paid in return. Or, you can teach an online course on e-learning platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, Skills share, Udacity etc. You get paid according to how many people registered for your courses and watched your lesson videos.


4. Register with Uber/Bolt as a Driver

I mentioned Uber/Bolt just to state a few and being the most popular of them all, there are other companies that offer same services as them that you can also register with as a driver. However, this can only work if you own a personal car. You get to accept rides at your own convenient time and get your remuneration on a wage per ride basis.

5)Become a Freelance Writer

This is open to people with basic and good writing skills but unlike starting a blog you don’t have to own a website. You just get to write randomly for people who need your service and get paid in return. You can either promote yourself by word of mouth, on social media or by registering under freelancing websites where you set up your profile and you can get hired by people who are impressed with your skills.


6. Start an Online Business

Making it to number six on the list is starting and running an online business. This has always being popular amongst the flood of side hustles there is.You make an income from this by the profit you earn from your sales. You can either singlehanded run your online business using your social media and business website as your tool or you can either register as a seller under an e-commerce website like EBay and the likes.


7. Engage in Drop Shipping Business

Drop shipping is a retail business where you get to act as middle man between the wholesaler/ distributor and the buyer. You don’t need to to have in stock what you are selling which means you do not need capital to start. However, you will need basic marketing skills to be able to get people to show interest in what you have to offer.

8. Become a Real Estate Agent

This is also quite popular amongst the side hustles as many people are now hopping on the train of becoming a real estate agent. All you have to do is become a registered agent under a real estate company then set out to look for people who are interested in investing in real estate and get them to invest in your principal company and then you get your remuneration in form of commission for every investor you bring.


9. Become a Social Media Manager

If you love social media a lot and understand its algorithms, this is a chance to earn money from your interest. You can go further to learn few skills to make you fit perfectly for this role. In most cases, you are hired by an individual, small business or corporate organization to handle their social media activities, contents and campaigns. You will also be responsible for promoting and improving the social media presence of your employer. Most times, you get to work remotely which makes it a perfect fit for a side hustle.


10. Work Part time

You can also become a part time worker to increase your income this year. Doing a part time job is mostly convenient for people without a full time job. You can work part time in restaurants, schools, factories, gas stations, hospitals etc where you can get paid by wages or salary. This way you get to have your free days to engage in other side hustles and earn additional income.


An advantage of having these side hustles is that you are not limited to a particular one, you can switch between side hustles or run more than one concurrently. For example, you can be a full time student, but have a YouTube channel where you share vlogs and also run a small online business as side hustles. The more the hustle, the more the income. So, you can select any side hustle (s) of your choice that matches your kind of person and interest, acquire the the necessary skills if it’s a prerequisite, gather your capital if you are starting a business and all in all, get to work and earn yourself some extra cash.

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