5 Ways to Discuss Money in Your Relationship

A relationship with another person is never easy; especially when you have become so acquainted as to be involved in every aspect of each other's lives. Money can be a cause of concern when your relationship gets to that point. However just like we most probably know, relationships thrive on communication and in this piece we will share with you how to communicate about money in your relationship. 

As good as money is, it can be the cause of many woes in our relationship and these are some tips that will help communicate better with our partner when it comes to money:

1. Be on the Same Page

Relationship are built and based on values. Making sure your partner and yourself share the same values especially concerning money is very vital. If your partner believes that they should spend all and you believe that there is need to save, there is a challenge already. Hence the first step to talking about money is asking questions to make sure you and your partner are on the same page. 

Talk to your partner about their values about money. Make suggestions and make them see reason with your views about money.

2. Be Open-minded
Be ever ready to learn from the other person and before you have the discussion about money make sure your mind is open to the possibilities that may abound. This open mind would help you to listen and understand what your partner is trying to say.

Discussing about money may feel uneasy but being open and actually letting your guard down would do a world of good. This is because it would help in managing any negative feedback you may get while discussing finances with your partner.

When it comes to finances, the way to go forward is transparency. Letting your partner know the inflow and outflows of your account shows them that you trust them and it shows that you have nothing to hide. 

When discussing finances with your partner you have to make sure you are not hiding any details when you talk. When you hide details and you partner discovers later even if you did not intend to it would send a wrong message across.


When all has been laid bare and the discussion about your finances progress, make suggestions of your own in the polite way. This is important as you must understand that you are no more alone and your decisions will affect another individual. 

As you make suggestions, give your partner time to evaluate the suggestion and listen to your partner for feedback. Repeat this process until you both agree on a solution that works for you. Say you both want to buy a car, make suggestions as to what car you think you both should get and be sure to let your partner know the reasons you think that's what you should get.


Make sure at the end of your discussion a final decision that you both agree with is reached. This is important so that no one leaves the discussion and goes to do something different from the other. 

When the decision is made, you must get an affirmation for it from your partner by asking questions like 'is this okay by you?' When this is done, repeat the processes as often as possible in the realationship.

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