Should I Save or Invest in Myself?

While this looks like a strange question,  many people, especially Nigerians battle with whether or not they should invest in themselves or save up the money for a later use. One reason why this is so is because of the uncertainty of money as it could lose its value overnight. Nigerians are familiar with this already,  considering the strange history of the Maura's devaluation since independence on 1st October, 1960.


Save instead of invest when you have a clear action plan to hit the goals you want to achieve.

Don't feel shame that you want to see your money but also be careful that you aren't just hoarding money because of money scarcity.


Invest instead of save when you know exactly what you need help on in order to get to your goals. Dont invest for the sake of just putting a bandaid solution to solve your problems. investments should be intentional and strategic

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