Have you Drawn your New Year Budget?

This should sound as a disturbing announcement and notice for you if you have not worked out a sketch of your budget for 2023. It is understood that for many individuals, brands and businesses, it is very possible that  you are yet to consider drafting your budget for the next year considering the nature of this current year – pandemic, economic, social and political situation among other happenings that greeted us in the year.

Why then should you draw your budget so quickly?

You are right that there is still so much time, plus you are probably yet to pack your calculations for the year. While you can calculate everything this year has stacked up financially, it is still better to prepare ahead for the new year

1. Procrastination Gets Bitter

One reason why you should draw you budget is to help you know how much spending you'd have to do in the new year. The earlier you get to work on appropriating your costs,  the better. This is because your procrastination will cost you so much in the end. You definitely don't want to start the new year shabby and running around for a balance sheet. You also don't want to spend unnecessarily from personal funds or business funds as the case may be. You can only avoid this bitter side of procrastination by drawing a budget already. 

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