We are Taking Investments


Invest with KoloNigeria

When we started out as a savings company using the native "ajo" or "esusu" system, we included in our structures, a plan to build a financially free community in our customers. We successfully did this by reducing our agent fees to a monthly subscription of #200, inclusive of a Kolo card purchase for first time customers.

Now, we are building more.

Building an investment structure is not an easy task. Handling people's money, covering risks and buying insurance is a whole lot than we thought. However, we have gone to our thinking boards, drawn out a sustainable plan to accommodate your money and help it grow effectively with us. This is why we are taking investments at KoloNigeria.

The Why?

Money is not the root of all evil. More money is not either. Only the excessive love for money is evil. The average Nigeria wants more money and we want you to help you achieve that. It is also true that money cannot buy all things but it it is definitely the answer to many prayers and wishes. This is why we have chosen to start taking investments. We seek to grow a community of Kolo Users who are financially healthy and wise by introducing reasonable risk investments to our investors.


As a brand, we do not directly manage your investments. We work with agricultural companies across Nigeria as our investment is currently fully into agricultural produce. We only keep records of your investments and receive a percentage share from the company on returns. These agro-firms are insured by Leadway Assurance and your capital is secure. Meanwhile, we are working on a double insurance structure from our end and will make an official release as soon as we conclude.

Returns on Investment

As Returns, we are offering as much as 100% in cumulative interests over a space of 12 months (one year). 

To Invest, kindly select a package on our Investment page, make your payment into our bank accounts and fill in this form here